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Please take the time to read each page thoroughly, as each is packed with information you may find useful in the near future. Also, if it was not necessary to the success of this kingdom, the Elven scribe would not have included it.

In a time of civil distress amongst the Realms of a World called RhyDin, many leaders left for other lands to seek peace and wellbeing. To seek for that which was right and just as the days of Avalon. One such leader was that of the late Catriona O'Rogan. She took her people to the lands of Nuldar. There from within she spent the years training them to be the best. To be the knights of Avalon in days gone by. To be the mages of the days of Merlyn, selfless, thoughtful and wise. The wise ones with the wisdom of Gandalf her mentor and friend.

There came a struggle, as always plagues the just, and Catriona O'Rogan was no more. Gone with the time of her ancestory she left on her throne a young elven queen, Arabella Alina Cadell. Trained with the wisdom of middle earth she was left a nation to rebuild, a realm to hold in tact against the many foes of the neighboring realms that sought and still seek to destroy all that is wise and just.

Now this young queen leads one small band of those sought for their wisdom, talents and goodness to repopulate Nuldar. As with most, though, a military is needed first so that citizens may be brought safely in. Until that time when peace is secured the Queen of Nuldar seeks those to build the many facets of the armies of Nuldar and the Mages in order to obtain peace and harmony. This is a battle for what it is right, what is good and what is just. Should you wish to be a part then dare to enter the world of Nuldar.

The cities are built from within, remember this. However the Queen is wise in her ways and knows the value a true alliance, thus outside cities shall be considered.

Blessed Be and May our god and godess be with you....

Elven Scribe of Nuldar

Her Majesty's Royal Mail

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